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02-11-2011, 08:33 AM
I know of at least one other thread with bios and links to bios in it.

I really enjoy reading other people's writing about their characters. I haven't yet taken a good look at the earlier posts in this thread, but I will.

I also am working on three blogs with bios and log entries (and other stuff). The addresses are in my sig. I've also linked to some other sites where people have written some good bios, etc. If anyone wants me to link to their site/blog/whatever, let me know.

Just for fun, here's the bio of one of my characters:

Patrick Guinness Donal O’Kennedy (or, in the more Gaelic form he sometimes adopts, Paidraig Guinness Domhnall O’Cinneididh) was the child of Kathleen O’Kennedy, a descendant of the legendary Arthur Guinness and a chemist at the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, and Timothy O’Kennedy, the director of the adjacent Guinness Institute for Advanced Study (GIAS), which was founded after World War III. (Synthahol was actually invented at the GIAS by accident. It is still regarded as a mistake there.)

Patrick entered Starfleet Academy somewhat later in life. He spent his early years traveling around Earth and throughout the solar system, often working odd jobs on shuttles and orbital rigs. For eighteen months, he also served as an engineering mate on the SS Death Star, an aging interstellar freighter.

While at the Academy, Patrick earned a reputation. Because of his personal charm and his air of self-confidence, he was sometimes compared him to a young James Kirk. True to the comparison, he also displayed what some instructors felt was a contempt for authority. As a teaching assistant in advanced engineering II, he instructed his students how to make beer with spare parts from the demonstration warp core, leading to a now-famous remark by the Academy commandant that a starship is not a brewery. Rumor also had it that he was responsible for a prank in which the Academy’s transporters began reversing the gender of everyone who used them.

Though many of his instructors also complained about his lack of effort, in the end, he excelled in both theoretical and practical work. When the USS Khun Bulom experienced a freak collision with a micro-singularity, Cadet O’Kennedy saved the ship from a warp core breach by increasing the matter-antimatter mix ration to 2:1, clogging the injectors with particle build up—a practice that he learned aboard the Death Star called “flash freezing.”

After leaving the Academy, Patrick was assigned to the USS Kilkee. He is now in command of the USS Ardent.