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02-11-2011, 09:59 AM
My origin story of why I joined Starfleet is so tame, so normal, so uninspiring that it bears telling. I had no great trials to overcome. No barriers to break. No worthy cause to avenge.

One day, my fourth grade class was invited to the USS Richmond, a Cheyenne-class cruiser, for a field trip. Part of the tour was a visit to the bridge. As looked down on New Essex below us, I knew I wanted to join Starfleet. I would be in space. I would have the best dental and medical coverage in the galaxy. And they would let me work with explosives. I really like teeth and explosives. Not at the same time, mind you, but in general.

Three weeks later the Richmond was destroyed by space ninjas or something. But the impression was made upon me and so I set out to accomplish the goal I had set before myself that day. And apart from a brief period in high school when I wanted to be a professional holoprogram author, I have stuck by that goal.

After excelling in school and athletic programs, gaining entry to Starfleet Academy was no big issue. I was initially training for science, until I learned that science positions rarely got to actually do something. Usually they just looked into the sciences viewmaster and said whatever popped into their heads. Engineers however did things. Important things. Like jury-rig a plasma core to take out a squad of boarders. Or wire a warp core to be used as an impromptu mine. Sometimes they even fixed the ship.

So I changed my area of study to Engineering. Practical sciences, the Engineering cadets snidely said to the science cadets. And indeed it was practical. I graduated in the top ten in my class.

I was assigned to the USS Kagutsuchi, a Delta-pattern modified Prometheus-class cruiser on station in the Psi Velorum sector. Mostly we were patrolling for pirates. Romulan and Reman vessels often raided ships in this area, hoping for an easy steal of some cargo. Officially they were free-booting pirates. But everyone with any brains knew they were working for the Empire. How the mighty have fallen. THe once proud Romulans reduced to a pack of scavenging wolves.

As the new Ensign, I got the grunt work. This paid off when I was assigned to lead a boarding party against a suspected Reman pirate vessel. It was a pirate vessel. It also had a class-A psyker aboard. He made Chief Elb's head explode when we found him. I knew how to deal with psykers though. I never thought those novels would come in handy, but they did. It was then I began to trust in a higher power. The Empress. Somehow, my head did not explode and I put the psyker down with a phaser shot.

For that, I got a promotion to Lieutenant. Apparently the psyker had also disabled the entire boarding team and they were about to be murdered by the Remans. Even better, I was moved to the bridge and a comfy chair.

When the Borg attacked the Vega system the Kagutsuchi, being one of the Federation's most powerful attack cruisers, was recalled to Vega. A warp cavitation caused to arrive late. By then, much of the battle was over. The USS Coridan however was in dire straits...