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02-11-2011, 02:11 PM
After running this mission well over a dozen times, it occurred to me that if a player chooses the option to "fool the Breen ship's sensors" long enough so you can transport the Deferi to the safety of your ship, I would think if I were a member of the crew aboard that Breen ship, to "immediately" inform an officer that the Deferi "passengers" are no longer present. And then to have the captain of the Breen ship if the comm channel has been closed to hail your ship or continue in the open comm channel and say "for stealing the Deferi from my ship, you and those weaklings will all now die!" I find this scenario quite humerous as it acheives my goal to save the Deferi but at the same time it provokes the Breen as an added bonus; but that's the mischievous in me talking.

And for the record, I did do a thorough forum search to see if sometinh like this had been posted and I found no such mention.