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02-11-2011, 02:19 PM
A few days ago I leveled up to Admiral and, thanks to forum posts, I think I'm just now getting a better handle on this game. I think I'm getting a better tack on the Devs too. What I don't understand is all the call for nerffing or debuffing certain skills and powers that should be an essential part of game play.

I think too many people are up in arms about some skill or power just because they're unable to defeat it when they have to go up against it in game play. Having worked in the gaming industry, I know about game balance and playability and how difficult it is to achieve these two very crucial aspects of game play. Beta testing is where balance is achieved. In my day, we had a cadre of play testers who spent time and effort evaluating a game for public release. Cryptic uses the Tribble shard for STO.

Don't nerff the powers/skills. Players should develop better tactics to deal with the offending power. If the offending power/skill truly unbalances the game, instead of nerffing the skill, make the skill a bit more costly to use with a movement or energy penalty. People are complaining about how science ships have become next to useless because powers available to science have been watered down.

I hope I'm getting across the general idea that nerffing doesn't necessarily achieve game balance. Usually those who complain the loudest are usually complaining about a skill/power that is difficult to overcome without proper tactics.