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02-11-2011, 02:27 PM
Let's look at history.

In TOS the Romulans got Klingon ship designs and after that the Klingons mystically had cloaks.....
In Star Trek VI the Romulan ambassador was one of the people who belonged the secret Klingon/Federation alliance to sabotage the peace.
During TNG Sela and the Duras sisters collaborated. Now Sela officially controls the Romulan Empire, while Ja'rod Lursa's son has a lot of pull in the Klingon Empire.
Someone else who has pull in the Klingon Empire is Worf who remarked in his last canon appearance that "the Romulans fought with honour" (against Shinzon).

Not mentioning that the Klingons have taken in a bunch of criminals and honourless thugs (called Orion Syndicate and Nausicaans). There's actually no better time for some Romulans joining the KDF.