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When setting up my action bar after getting a new ship, I went into the options menu -> Key Binds tab to set a couple of abilities to my backward, and forward mouse buttons.

While there I noticed that actions 9-12 are listed as being bound (by default) to keys 9, 0, -, = respectively. However the action bar only displays 1-8 (with options for control + 1-8, and Alt + 1-8). Just out of curiosity I tried pressing the 9, 0, -, = keys and each one activated one of my ships abilities. In fact pressing one of the keys activated my XP Booster, when I had no intention of doing so!

What's so crazy about this is that I have no way (that I know of) to assign actions 9-12 (keys 9-'=') to specific abilities. It's simply randomly filled in (like the rest of the action bar when you get a new ship) by the game, and I have no control. What about in combat? What if I mean to press 8 and press 9 instead and some ability or item gets activated at the wrong moment. It could mean the difference between victory and defeat. In the case of the XP Booster it could cost you money!

This is bizarre and needs to be fixed ASAP. Preferably by having the option to extend the action bar (which would be most appreciated) to show actions 9-12. Otherwise they should at least be shut off if they can't be controlled by the user.