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02-11-2011, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
Let's look at history.
During TNG Sela and the Duras sisters collaborated. Now Sela officially controls the Romulan Empire, while Ja'rod Lursa's son has a lot of pull in the Klingon Empire.
Someone else who has pull in the Klingon Empire is Worf who remarked in his last canon appearance that "the Romulans fought with honour" (against Shinzon).
J'mpok rose to power on the platform of blowing up romulans due to Nero destroying a klingon fleet. He also subjected a major player in the Empire to discommendation for conspiring with the romulans, and reduced the man's House to ashes.

And though Worf may have given some grudging respect to the romulans, he does hate them. Not surprising since they murdered his family, and those allied with them killed his mate.