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02-11-2011, 03:53 PM
I thought I would post my bio here, because someone linked this thread to me in another thread. I wanted to share my creativity and amateur role-play skills.

My avatar is a pic of my main toon in game. I made him to look like a klingon.

Screen shots of my main toon:

I think my toon's bio would explain things better. I wrote it myself.

It's made up, I know. But it was my first attempt at roleplay, so I was trying to use my imagination.

Here's my toon's bio:
Species: Klingon/Jem'Hadar Hybrid


Born 2397, Patch is the product of Klingon DNA spliced
with a Jem'Hadar clone. He has two sets of organs just
like normal Klingons. He would look like any normal
Klingon Humanoid, except that they contain the strengths
of both races and none of their weaknesses. They are
unique in this aspect because they are the only survivor
of this whole line of experiments. The lab where this took
place was conquered by the Federation. It was later
destroyed after it was deemed inhumane to experiment with
the DNA of a species based on clones. In this case, this subject was fortunate that they contain none of the recessive genes. Being the pride of the Federation for their ironic discovery, Patch's application to join the Academy was automatically accepted. Graduated at the top of their class, the first and only one of their kind to receive such an honor. Like
the most notably Jean-Luc Picard, Patch survived assimilation into the Borg collective.
The Borg is their chosen nemesis. They have sworn since their miraculous escape, that they will stop at nothing till every last Borg is freed or extinct.