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Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
Funny how that's kinda like Real Life...

People use to complain loudly (and some still do) about how the different races inter-mingling will dilute the gene pool and cause the ruination of mankind...

Ignorance may be bliss but sometimes, it's just plain foolish...
Of course its stupid in real life...but even in melting pot countries, there is resistance to a large influx of any outsider, especially those that threatened to undermine the original groups dominant status.

I role play in game and in forum (Borg also)as a Klingon. I also desire a Trek universe that resembles canon as much as possible. I always desire we look to canon first, then tread carefully as a we move away from it. Frankly, I'd expect the Klingons to demand nothing less than a Klingon-centric way of operating within its Empire. Even when it allied with the Feds, it made sure that it maintained its Klingon values and Klingon ways of doing things. I have no doubt it would demand that to even a greater degree for those whom they have Imperialized and taken into their fold.

Lastly, as a distinct faction, I desire there be a difference...that it not be only superficial...because what is the use of two such polar groups being at odds and in conflict, if you tak eevery opportunity to blur the rift. It is the contrasts that make perpetuating the conflict so innate and "real" for the players. The "Us vs Them" is always cemented in the hearts if humans by the explicit and visual differences. It triggers a natural "group" mentality that this conflict (in story and when the PvP war comes out) depends on.

The rift in game needs to be "felt" to some extent y the player base, in order to fuel the PvP content...the desire for more Klingons is only an superficial desire on my part for canon reasons and role playing issue on my part as a Klingon.