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02-11-2011, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Get over the 'damage' was done stuff already, Klingons got Selahts as well. It was a special thing.
I find it humerous that the people who are against, again i have 2, are the people that have one that feel "unique" as like I mentioned everything has to be fair, as how it has began through all the preorders that people moaned about because they didnt have it, such as the galaxy x that was only to be a referal program reward. Also how I find irony that certain individuals find it ok to cry for a fed carrier which klingons have....

Now here.. a klingon "ahem myself" saying give the feds something that was given during a "special" to them...

It may have been a special, like other things, but no one especially now should have anything that others cant get. Its been a trending motion ever since the game came out there would be no elitest setting, at first i fround on it.. you can go back to my posts, but things are the way they are now...

So please just becauce you may have one and want to feel unique allow others to obtain one. Klinks have been singled out alot, but things change and have been slowly getting better. Targs point out were given to feds for aniversary special.. i get that and thats great, but due to that, its not fair others cant have the same things those that managed to loot them in a pool.