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02-11-2011, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by Brodie0854
Agreed, leave it as it is!
Besides its ridiculous anyway, a Starfleet admiral running around Earth Space Dock with his pet *****cat (and now piggy!).
The place looks like a zoo.
IMO no pets allowed on ESD, its not realistic and its not canon!
(Desperately trying to remember if Archer took Porthos with him when he reported to Starfleet HQ)
this is a soft canon game dude, get over it. Devs already mentioned this several times over and iam sure they have enouph tylenol by there desks when people shout out it has to be cannon... NO it dosnt lol

NX flying in space alone has chucked canon out of the door.. no matter what the description states, that starfleet "re engineered" it to be up to date..

Your telling me a federation cant find a planet with a targ and capture it.. heck even a klingon officer in starfleet.. give me a break