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# 1 Can't trust my mom.
02-11-2011, 05:18 PM
So I'm in a room in the house. I hear screaming. It's loud. It's some kid and sounds like it's in the next house.

I'm about to go check and my mom says it's a kid in the next yard she saw fighting about not wanting to go with a parent somewhere due to a divorce. So, despite it being loud as heck and sounding really close I decide to trust her word.

It turns out it was a kid IN OUR GARAGE screaming his head off to his mom (also in our garage!). The kid is disabled with a medium functioning (enough to talk) mental disability and apparently ran into our garage to get away from the mother. So for like 45 minutes I'm hearing screaming and want to check it out but my mom kept telling me it was next door and just some whiny kid. I trusted her .

Turns out my mom didn't even know anything and just guessed. Later she found out they had been in the garage when the lady apologized to her.

Okay, the situation is understandable. The kid is disabled and it was a tough situation. However I'm left with the thought that I shouldn't trust my mom's words and can easily imagine someone stabbing someone in this house, or killing someone, or using our house to get away from the cops and has hostages while the cops are outside on a loud speaker trying to calm him down... while he's in our garage. All the time my mom telling me nothing is happening.

I knew I should have checked myself. My mom is oblivious and I was crazy to take her word for it . This whole time I'm doing photoshop work and chatting here while this kid is making it hard to think and screaming.

And I still think "what if it was something more serious?"


If someone was being stabbed I'd be here like an idiot playing games or something. A week later I find the bodies. :p