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02-12-2011, 09:46 AM
New version 1.5 is out. Change log:
  • If you have a "copy and paste" installation of STO, you will be prompted to provide the correct path when starting the player.
  • If the path is valid, the launcher will attempt to write the correct key to the registry (as the STO setup would have done)
  • Regardless, of whether the key could be written to the registry or not, the demo player should start correctly and display all your holodeck and tribble demos.

I've only tested it with Win XP 32-bit so far. I could imagine, that you need to run the player once with admin privileges under Vista/7 to allow it to write the installation path to the registry. The worst thing that could happen is, that copy and paste users need to specify the installation path each time they fire up the app. This is still a big improvement over v1.4, which did not work at all for a copy-and-paste install.


Thanks to STOked for the feedback.