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While doing my normal thing and procrastinating between classwork, I had something of a thought, more a passing curiosity.

In the Next Generation episode "Tin Man" we see a bioship of unknown origin, also called the Gomtuu. The origin for this creature was never established and it ended up mind-linking with Tam Elbrun before making a jump to warp.

Comparing this creature to what we know about the 8472 gives us interesting similarities. The crew communicated with the vessel telepathically, something that was conjectured the Undine do with their ships. Tinman was also, I guess you could call it "outfitted" with incredibly powerful weapons. We've seen bioships one-shot Borg cubes and work in tandem to destroy a planet.

Lets assume that it was, in fact, an Undine vessel that was stranded in our dimension long enough that its crew died, as Tam said it had told him. Now we have a Betazoid that's affiliated with the UFoP in possession of it. Let's assume he took it back to Fluidic Space all those years before STO's time frame. How would they have greeted him?

I see potential for a story arc here involving the return of both Tinman and Tam. Anyone else agree?
This could be used to help get the Undine to help in a VERY awkward truce to fight the mutual enemy which is the Iconians.

I know trying to have an intellectual discussion on Ten Forward is laughable, but this woulda been eaten alive on the main boards.