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02-12-2011, 04:51 PM
OMG how many accolades?!

jeez... i'm gonna have to start playing in a team on my main (the only char where i at least kinda try to get all accolades possible)

one thing i wonder, if you play on a team, you beam down with 5 Players?
if you play alone you only have one BOff to back you up?

i played it on Elite and it just so happened that i was locked in an endless battle with 2 Medics healing each other, i focussed fire on One and got him down, then the other REVIVED him.... uuuuh SO EVIL!

...when i finally got them both killed the server crashed....
and when i did it again i pulled one medic before the other so they couldn't heal each other....

conclusion: to many medics in that room!

oh and i did not find a Horta, but no prob, 7 or 6 more chars to go, one will find it ;P

Reward: another PET? ...ok so now we had a consumable, a *just for Fun* item, the other 3 will have the cool gear then?

btw. somebody tell those Scorpion Pilots to keep their distance from exploding Ships! I so hate it if the whole Squadron is wiped out because of the explosion of one Warbird!