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# 1 Looking For Decent Fleet
02-12-2011, 09:24 PM
Ok I'm looking for a fleet for just to get joke around (ADULT) wise and to curse at the tv when things don't go my way in game. (LOL) I have TS3 and TS2 and i have vent installed. I prefer a fleet that is not. How cam I say a nerd rages alot and has to control every aspect of there fleet. I play alot of eve but am on a break of that game. I have a lifetime here so I'm not gonna be like well I cant pay my sub guys sorry wont be on this month. I like relaxed Fleet that is awsome open minded jks alot and has fun. Not really into the PVP part of this game Thats why I play EVE.

I'm here to enjoy myself not to worry about PVP. I do PVP once in awhile but not alot. I know I'm yacking my mouth off. Just the way I am lol.