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02-12-2011, 11:04 PM
The only luck involved is when you are PUG'n it. I've refrained from posting another diatribe concerning STF's and the myriad difficulties involved with them. However, the simple fact remains that these missions are very do-able and the failure to finish them only reflects the skills and social worth and connections of the Posters that have a bad experience.

I'm not really sure what results the OP has in mind by creating this thread... the amount of tips and strategies for all of the STF's have been posted here in the the forums ad-naseum...

What more can we do for U? The amount of hand-holding that goes on seems rather ridiculus and pointless... if you are a poor player I suppose there is not much that advice offered in good faith will help with your situation... I apologize for the condescending view point, but what else do you require? Should I ask my Mom to come over and play your character to get you through?