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02-13-2011, 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by RedPhoenix32 View Post
I can say many things about this particular mission. There is only one that does it justice.

To you people who claim it's easy, you got lucky. In fact, you got really lucky. The Cure is a mess. Its programming is flawed, the difficulty is near impossible without going insane, and the reward is not worth it.

I have attempted this mission nearly 100 times without success. I have gone bats*** crazy trying to do this.

Cryptic, you better fix this, or you will lose all support.
You've tried the cure over 100 times and haven't passed it?

*blinks* You are sure that is not, perhaps, hyperbole? Because at that point, when plenty of other people not only pass it but run it for kicks, the problem focus suddenly becomes "well, if 99 people can do it and one can't, the problem must be with the 1 who can't."

Have you tried joining a fleet that actually runs it on a regular basis? Going in with a PUG and not having your skills and gear set up correctly will get you wiped every time, especially if half the PUG quits.