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02-13-2011, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
I apologize for the condescending view point, but what else do you require? Should I ask my Mom to come over and play your character to get you through?
It's not condescending at all.

I , for one, am sick of people crying "I can't finish it"!

THOUSANDS of people have finished it. HUNDREDS MORE run it every single day for the sheer hell of it. THE PROBLEM IS YOU, NOT THE STF.

Are there bugs? God, yes. Could it be streamlined? Yes. Does it require, I don't know, an actual brain, teamwork, and 5 minutes online looking up a walk through? Yes.

I just took a 5 man PUG into the Cure last night , and none of them had run it before, and we got it through the first time. It was touch and go in places,and I had to stop them and basically give each one detailed directions, and I ended up threatening to kick a guy if he didn't stop running around acting like an idiot...but we got it done.

Napoleon is right. We can't fix your inability to do this mission. God help you if you think the Cure is bad, wait until you play KA.