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02-13-2011, 03:50 AM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
Personally, I didn't like this particular implementation for this eopisode.

I think the tech that makes random answers cycle is good - but the use here was lacklustre in that - If I'm supposed to be an 'Expert Engineer'; just 'random guess until you get the right one, kind of blows that illusion out of the water. Combined with some puzzle or something else that might give me a clue to the correct answer (maybe calling up to the ship to see a manual on the type of Drill, etc.) in addition the randomizer woukld have worked better.

Also, I still wish they could implement tech that keeps the other class optional objectives from even appearing on a mission map, UNLESS your part of a player character team with multiple character classes on the map; and in that case only the options related to the character classes ON the map should be shown.
I agree. I didn't like the rotating thing and I was expecting to go and "learn" the answer.
Then my BO said "We should guess".

I guessed and was right.