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02-13-2011, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by AGNT009 View Post
Yeah, I know Peregrine, had to do that for the Defari puzzle, fortunately my fleet is cool like that. But I shouldnt have to call for backup over every rally point puzzle.
Once again, I'm not saying that the devs should not fix this problem, because they most certainly should. I even try to help them with this by maintaining a known issues thread.

However I do have a problem with your statement here.

Saying that you shouldn't have to deal with other players in an MMO, where playing a game with other people is the entire point of the genre, is like saying that you shouldn't have to handle a ball in order to play football.

MMOs often have missions or goals that can only be accomplished by multiple players working together. That's the entire point behind it being an MMO.