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# 1 Infected feedback
02-13-2011, 10:24 AM
So, I decided to try my hand at Infected yesterday. I really want the engine reward since it's the only reward in the game that increase warp speed. So, I got a group together and went in. The space part wasn't too bad, just time consuming, though it does seem entirely ridiculous that 5 ships can take on that many Borg (when it was shown in the shows and movies that a single Cube could hold of dozens of ships). We finally get inside and start fighting the riduclous numbers of Borg walking around (seriously, quality over quantity, a small number of really high level enemies would seem far more realistic, First Contact showed a ship full of people being overwhelmed by a small number of Borg, but here we are fighting off literally hundreds of them and winning). So, as we approach the checkpoint with the first boss, the server issues from yesterday kick in and we all start getting kicked. So, we manage to keep logging back in long enough to beat the first boss and get the checkpoint. Then the servers go down for maintenance, so when they come back up an hour or so later, only a few members of my original team get back on. I manage to scrounge together a new team (which is very hard to do since I was on a checkpoint). We go in and fight our way to the end and I find that my teams jumpers just can't make it in time. We tried for 2 or 3 hours. So we give up for the night. This morning I scrounge together another team and fight to the end again, this time our jumpers almost make it before one of them has to get off. So we try to do it for another hour or so with only 4. No cigar.

So at this point I've spent 7 or 8 hours on a mission that all the walkthroughs say should only take 2-3. So, why I ask, is it that these rewards aren't available to those that like singleplayer content. It seems totally unfair to exclude those that like singleplayer content from getting items such as this one. I've always hated it when MMOs tried to force groups. Some of us just don't like the stress. Why isn't there an equal time and effort way for lone wolfs to get this warp enhancing item. Why isn't there say a crafting quest that takes the same amount of time as Infected, or an in-game currency way to buy it that takes an equivalent amount of time to save up the currency required. It is bad business to force lone wolfs into groups, only to watch them struggle to complete a mission that requires team work, when they are lone wolfs that have never been good at team work in MMO's.