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02-13-2011, 05:14 PM
I think Stahl said their target is to get out around 20 featured episodes this year. With the exception of downtime for Foundry preparations, I'd say it's probably realistic to expect a batch every other month or month and a half.

One thing they are getting better about and developing tools for is to have SOMETHING new every week. This will be a mix of Featured Episodes, Featured Episode "Reruns" (a reward for completing a specific mission, once they have more backlog), Remastered Episodes, and Foundry Spotlight (where they take four or five Foundry missions and give them a big push with a "Cryptic Tested and Approved"-type stamp).

I think there may be a gap again between this series and the next but I think they are building up tools so that there's something every week, even if it's just a spotlight on player made missions or an incentive to re-play an old mission.