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02-13-2011, 04:15 PM
1. That is tough to say, I would expect to see more featured seres every couple of months but that schedule may be disrupted by other big updates they add to the game, which may or may not have episodes of their own on release.

2. The STF missions were always designed for a group of close people who could depend on each other to work through the STF missions without someone quitting or dropping out, they really were never meant to be friendly for random groups. That being said another update soon with revamp the STF missions to be more friendly to random groups, a few ideas were thrown around and you can probably find more info about it by looking up posts by Cryptic_Gozer.

3. The continued improvements to STO have really blown me away, I bought a lifetime subscription at lanuch and haven't regretted it since. There have been a ton of changes and content added to the game since launch and the game is much improved since that opening "teething" period. I only see STO continuing to go up from here and due to some server load issues recently a lot of people seem to be coming back or sticking around with STO this time around.

If you have the cash and plan on peaking into this game for the long haul I suggest picking it up. I really enjoy not paying a monthly fee and not feeling like I have to play to get my monthly monies's worth. Its a big gripe with me so that coupled with the progress of the game makes the Lifetime worth it to me.