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02-13-2011, 04:56 PM
1. right now they're releasing a new mission every week. how often do they do this?

answered above, but to add to this with the foundry hiiting holodeck in the near future content wise and story wise the potential is endless, having played neverwinter nights for seven years, I am a firm believer in what user generated content can add to a game's life cycle

2. getting a group together for STF's is a bit annoying sometimes, what has the trend for player base been? increasing? decreasing?
answer found above, however there has been mention of a difficulty slider that would allow smaller teams to do stf's

3. where do you see the game 20 months from now?(mainly a question for people who've played since beginning and have a better view of how the much the game as changed thus far

Having played since the open beta till now all I can say is if I had bought the lifetime back then I'd be laughing now.
the game 20 months from now is probably going to have a third faction, a terrirtoy control pvp system and enough foundry content to collapse a star.
the main selliing point to me is the dev interaction with the community, thus we are seeing the game we want to play, not having some remote person decide what we are going to get, and having to live with it.
Taking the last two weekley episodes and looking at how much more they improved over the first episodes of other series and it's a testament to a hard working dev team that has started to use all the tools of a fairly flexible engine. Not only that but the writing is engaging as well.

Buy the lifetime, it's one purchase I can honestly say I feel good about everytime I log on.