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02-13-2011, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by ingeras-kurai View Post
1. right now they're releasing a new mission every week. how often do they do this?
Each series runs for 5 weeks or "Episodes"
Breaks between series last from one month to two months.
2. getting a group together for STF's is a bit annoying sometimes, what has the trend for player base been? increasing? decreasing?
STFs are a mess but the number of players at endgame ahs increased.

Hopefully, more high-end content and a instance finder-equivalent are added (dstahl mentioned both are slated for Season 5).
3. where do you see the game 20 months from now?(mainly a question for people who've played since beginning and have a better view of how the much the game as changed thus far)
20 months from now, the game should be in a great state, assuming current trends hold their course.

For me:
  • STO at launch was a 6/10
  • It's now a solid 7/10
  • 20 months is enough for it to be an 8 or 9.