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My Science Officer

Chitirih Ra-Dreii
Current posting Assigned to the Vulcan Science Academy, Through Starfleet Special Services In Command of the Vulcan Research Vessel V.R.V. I-CHAYA on an exploration and survey mission of the B Tran Cluster and surrounding systems.

Birthdate: Stardate: 356210.21- 2358 Earth Calender
Enrolled at the Denobulan Academy of Science Stardate: 56218.39
Graduated Valedictorian Stardate: 63219.22 with a Masters in Xenobiology
From Stardates: 63386.24 until 65384.91 Worked for the University of Alpha Centauri studying the native species of Caraway 4
Enrolled in Starfleet Academy Stardate: 65636.91
Graduated with rank of full Lieutenant Stardate: 69637.00
First posting Stardate: 69721.87 assigned to Space Station Deep Space 5 as Chief Science Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander Stardate 71638.41
Transfered to U.S.S. Yamato and promoted to Commander Stardate: 77218.15
U.S.S. YAMATO was destroyed during the Klingon invasion of Korvat Stardate: 82009.49
Assigned to the U.S.S. ZIMMERMAN as first officer Stardate: 82639.33
Promoted to Captain on Stardate: 88473.81
Appointed to Captain of the U.S.S. ZIMMERMAN Stardate: 88473.82
Reassigned to Starfleet Special Services as Liaison to the Vulcan Science Academy Stardate: 88638.09
Appointed to Captain of the Vulcan Research Vessel V.R.V. I-CHAYA Stardate: 88723.2

Commendations awarded:
Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
Cochrane Medal of Excellence
Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission
Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
Starfleet Silver Palm
Campbell Award
Okuda Award
Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor

Personal History:
The second Ra-dreii to carry the name and serve in Starfleet.
Named for his Great Grandfather who served aboard the U.S.S. SARATOGA, and later was appointed Efrosian Ambassador to Earth.
Chitirih was born on the planet Efros at the age of 20 enrolled at the Denobulan Academy of Science where he studied Xenobiology and Xenophysiology. After spending his Internship on Caraway 4 against the wishes of his family he enrolled to Starfleet Academy where he was promptly accepted. Upon his Graduation he was assigned to Deep Space 5 as the Chief Science Officer Where he spent several years Studying the development of the Lotian Species. After requesting reassignment so that he may have an opportunity to serve aboard an exploration vessel he was assigned to the U.S.S. YAMATO as Chief Science Officer. The YAMATO was on assignment in the Hromi Cluster when it was called to respond to the Klingon Invasion of Korvat. The YAMATO was destroyed with only 122 of the 1124 person crew surviving. Before his next posting Chitirih underwent Command training at Starfleet headquarters. Upon completion he was assigned as first officer to the U.S.S. ZIMMERMAN. After the Death of Captain Valtine RA-dreii was given a field promotion to Captain he Commanded the ZIMMERMAN for several months before Applying to be part of the newly formed Starfleet Special Services. This organization was established to assist Federation members by utilizing Starfleet Personnel with deep space experience onboard civillian exploration vessels. After a few months of preperation he took command of the I-CHAYA wich is currently deployed in the B Tran Cluster.