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02-14-2011, 12:39 AM
I have done "Infected" and it took the group I was in 7 hours to beat it. We had 5 people for the space part and had some members leave because the Borg were murdering us on Starbase 82. The three of us that were left made it all the way to the final boss fight and exited out to get two more team members because we couldn't kill the Borg and jump the plasma to drop the shield.

I do not believe the Borg gear that you get from the STFs should be craft able. If a MMO doesn't have gear that is hard to get then it would be a very boring game. Some people, like me, enjoy challenging missions.
I plan to try for the other two Borg equipment from "The Cure" and "Khitomer Accord".

Like some of the replies have said, there are people who are willing to team with you to do these missions that have done them dozens of times before. I originally never planned to try these STFs because i thought finding four other players to team up with would be a pain. I was wrong.