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02-14-2011, 12:46 AM
Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
Don't blame Cryptic for your groups short-comings... You have stated that your group was in-experienced and lacked the needed skills to complete the easiest of the STF's very clearly in your post. I believe you should re-read your own words and tell us why you failed and then address those points of failure.

You seem like a reasonable person yet are shifting the blame to Cryptic for no good reason. Your teamates can't jump... who's fault is that? Jumping around the plasma is easier if you pan your camera up and your jumps will be maximum height if you hold the space bar down for the entire duration of the jump.

While you might consider your time spent on infected a waste, I would call it a learning experience and would suggest that you need more skillful teamates or better leadership skills to finish this mission.
Could not agree with this more. STF's do have a steep learning curve, but with the right elements, good teamwork and communication, the rewards and results are very obtainable. I use to hate 'pugging' on ********, to the point where i just didn't do it in the end, only to join a Guild and find a nicer level playing field with a bunch of people that had a better understanding of what was required of them. This is no different in STO, as there are plenty of good and friendly Fleets out there willing to help people through.