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02-14-2011, 12:55 AM
The space gate - (because I feel generous) after you clear the first group of borg in space DO NOT PRESS CONTINUE on any screen that pops up!!! Especially the second one. Fly behind the gate, and wait till everyone is ready. Give a count down and pound the gate. On both RA and VA, my fleet can take that gate from 100 percent down to the magical 25 percent needed to stop the waves in one shot. Then you have one mass wave to clean up.

I have offered help before and given my in game contact but people refuse to take the help offered. Please do not complain we will not help you. The issue is you not helping yourself. I will not spoon feed a grown adult just to please them. Find those that know what they are doing and they will help. When you look for a job, you actively look yourself. The job doesnt go out looking for you.

The STF's are even easier now. If this is hard then back when they were bugged you would rage quit STO for a few days. I enjoyed those days because it was a challenge. The boss fights now are such a joke. 1 person could kill the boss alone and the rest can twiddle their thumbs.