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02-14-2011, 02:22 AM
I developed a Strategy that is able to do with a Dual Cannon or DHC equipped Cruiser.

Wtih Ericksoon, what I like to do is cloak, head to the middle group and get close enough that im still outside aggro range of the Patrol group thats above the shielded dome. Buff up and decloak, attacking the middle group's transport and taking it out and firing at the freighters as they approach. You loot them and evasive over to the group departing off to the right. Depends how close they are to the beacon you have to decide to attack the transports or the escort.

With a Raptor, its very doable to get all 8 transports done.

With the Transport Raid, with a BoP or Raptor you can take the shields fast of the first group and perhaps loot one of them before you are in range with the first Federation starships.

If you are in a Cruiser, best you run up to the second group and use warp plasma, boarding parties, and/or tractor beams to delay them as you fight the 2 Federation ships.

With Lower Ranks, I'm honestly not sure if its balanced or not to pull it off. Tractor Beams might be good enough to buy you enough time.

BTW Gozer, that Video lag is still present at the Erickson Base.