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# 2292 Starship Crafting Ideas
02-14-2011, 07:25 AM

The idea I have with the ship crafting is that you can take any ship you love UP to your current level.

Each ship class and tier should determine the physical size, HP, crew size, maximum weapon slots, maximum bridge officer stations, maximum console slots, maximum device slots, and maximum number of special abilities.

A user should have the ability to take any ship they want from its current tier up to any tier they currently have access to. Meaning if your character is now Lieutenant Commander, you should only be able to upgrade your starship to tier 1.

When your character levels up from let's say Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander, you should be given the option to either upgrade your current ship or choose a new ship within the tier you have access to, which in this case would be tier 1.

Effects of increasing your ships tier: (Note that all these changes are affected by the type (cruiser/escort/science) of your ship as well as the current tier to which you are upgrading your ship)
  1. The physical size of your ship should increase to facilitate the larger warp coils, warp core, etc.
  2. Your ships HP will increase (the same way it currently works)
  3. The crew size will increase (the same way it currently works)
  4. The default and maximum number of front and rear weapon slots will increase.
  5. The default and maximum number of console slots will increase, the maximum number of your engineering, tactical, and science console slots will differ from the different types.
  6. The default and maximum number of device slots will increase
  7. The maximum number of special abilities your ship can have will increase.
  8. The available bridges (to me it is stupid that they allow you to choose a bridge that is made for the galaxy class for your tier 0 ship)
  9. The available interior upgrades
  10. Your ships maximum warp
  11. The ships power

All upgrades you make should cost you in game currency... and to be able to use some of the upgrade functionality can be obtainable via the c-store...

Ship Console Upgrades:

At your current tier your ship should have a default number of weapon, console, and device slots and also a maximum number for each.

You should be able to upgrade your current amount of slots to any number below or equal the maximum allowed number of slots.

Take a tier 3 cruiser for example:
  1. Weapon slots:
    Default: 4 front, 3 rear
    Maximum: 6 front, 4 rear (these numbers are just an example)
  2. Console slots:
    Default: 2 engineer, 1 science, 1 tactical
    Maximum: 4 engineer, 2 science,2 tactical
  3. Device Slots:
    Default: 3
    Maximum: 5

Ship Interior Upgrades:

I want the interior of my ship feel more "alive" and also feel like it has actual meaning and not just there for eye candy.

Interior upgrade options:
  1. exchange console :
    You should be able to add an exchange console to your ships interior which will give exactly the same functionality as the exchange consoles within space stations.
  2. mail interface:
    A mail console that allows you to "upload" and "download" your mail attachments.
  3. marketing interface:
    This should be the same interface you get when talking to a NPC and accessing their store, but this should have an extra function. When you go to ESD you should be able to register all the traders onto this interface so that you eventually get something similar to Amazon in the sense that you select an item and see all the different price options (they can also link the exchange to this).
  4. crafting console:
    I don't want to go to Memory Alpha each time I have something I want to craft, I want to go into my ship's interior and go to the science lab or engineering and do the crafting there.
  5. Dabo console:
    It would be great to be able to go into your ship and play some Dabo while you wait for people to join your team for let's say one of the STF's.
  6. Sickbay functionality:
    I want to go to sickbay and have my medical officer heal all my injuries, be able to have him/her make me medical equipment and so on. Here you should also be able to upgrade your ships medical abilities, e.g. crew regeneration and so on.
  7. Engineering functionality:
    If you go to engineering I want to be able to ask my chief engineer to repair my ship's injuries and craft me some critical components. I also want to be able to upgrade parts of my ship from here, e.g. increase my warp speed and sacrifice something for it...

There are countless more option that can be added that will give your ship interior more meaning and dept. And I want that in this game.

Special Abilities Upgrades:

I really like the whole idea of special abilities, I only have one problem... you can't fully enjoy them all without having each ship that contains one... I support the idea that you must buy it from the c-store, but I would like to be able to take that ability in the ship I just bought and upgrade another ship I maybe like more with that same ability.

I know not all ships can support all the special abilities, since it would not be canon if the Excelsior all of a sudden have a saucer separation ability... but then you can also argue that this is way into the future and maybe those options became available.

The number of special abilities you can add to your ship should be determined by your ships tier.
The effectiveness of the special ability should be directly linked to your ship type.
  • e.g. a cloak should work better on a science vessel where a battle cloak work better on an escort and in this case the cruiser will be neutral.

I think all the special abilities can be applied to all the ships, except the saucer separation... oh and also the siege mode of the Nausicaan destroyer... So there will definitely be special abilities that you can only use with a specific ship, but most of them can be used on any ship...

This is what I want to be able to do:
Take my Galaxy class starship and...
  1. add an extra nacelle (which should have some special effect)
  2. add a spinal phaser lance
  3. add a cloaking device (either battle cloak or normal cloak)
  4. add a transwarp drive
    I really hope they eventually allow you to go to a space station or outpost and register its location within your ships computer and by doing so allowing you to transwarp there. You will eventually come to a point in the game where you have every location registered.
  5. add carrier ability
    The amount of fighters and the size of them will differ depending on your ships type and tier.
  6. add ablative generators

Like I said before the amount of special abilities should depend on your ships tier and your ships type.

How your character should get access to these abilities: This should stay the same as it works now. If you buy the ship in the c-store you get the ship for all your characters as well as the special ability upgrade for all ships (that support it) on all your characters. If you want to obtain it in game, it will work the same as it currently does, when you get access to the ship with a specific character you will also get access to the upgrade option, but only one use of this upgrade option and also only on that character.

In the end your ship should feel like your "home" and not just a tool you use to combat with...