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02-14-2011, 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Totally agree. They went above and beyond in a really short amount of time. When we first play tested the episode all the Romulans were in their standard uniforms and it just felt wrong. So as a complete "drive-by" to their schedule, I asked them what they could come up with that would give us a 3rd Romulan look (1 being the Military, 1 being the Remans, and the new one being Civilian).

It feels much better when the NPCs look like ordinary Romulan citizenry instead of military walking about. I think it is a superb touch that there is a hint of Nero and crew in the way some of these miners look. It helps tie things together visually.

Great work to Matt and Denis on this (not to mention they also did the Horta and well... every other costume and NPC face in the entire series).
Very well done indeed! I look forward to more missions that are of this calibur in the future. I also want the Romulan outfits and weapons for my toons... but we'll save that for another discussion

Excellent work all!