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02-14-2011, 11:20 AM
Mine Enemy was by a wide margin the best mission I've seen so far. I've only managed time for one run through so far so I haven't seen all the way it can play out but a short list of things that I noticed and liked (spoilers):

1. Subtle forshadowing:
The Ferangi mentions getting information from the romulan "gang" in the mine. This forsadowed the Tal'shi'ar base without giving it all away.

2. Hints of Diplomatic solutions:
I saw a couple diplomacy dialog options, though I wasn't able to bypass any fights with diplomacy (probably because the character in question is only level 1 in diplomacy), but the hints that it possible (in particular the "are you sure?" prompt before the fight with Janek) have given me hope that we're moving away from the "Shoot-em all and let Q sort it out" approach to mission design, that resulted in some of the lower quality episodes.

3. Dead end foreshadowing:
There was some heavy foreshadowing about a Horta encounter. Either I missed it or that was a red herring. Either way I say well done because it was nice to know that not everything the NPCs make a big deal out of will end up being a big deal to _me_. It was nice to see someone else's problem actually being someone else's problem for once.

4. Realistic levels of NPC awareness:
If you walk up next to or directly in front of the analysts that were "so engrossed in their work you could sneak past them", they take notice and start a fight (as opposed to standing there while you use their terminal like "game logic" suggests they might). That was well done. I liked that you have to ignore the glowing consoles and keep your distance if you don't want to start shooting in that room, and the implication that you can avoid the fight (I ended up getting noticed, but not before I got daring and used on the the consoles) is encouraging.

5. The cryptography mini-game:
It made use of my ship interior, was a non combat mini-game, and put information I got by completing the storyline missions to use giving a sense of continuity. All and all a nice touch.