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02-14-2011, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by Commodore_Stipe
First let me say I am way to inebriated to be posting just had a nice dinner with my wife but I will post anyway.

I loved this mission. It is quite likely the best mission I have played in STO. The reasons I like it:

1) The place actually felt alive. People walking around. Animals at play. The "mine" car traveling between buildings. All added a depth of being alive I really adored.

2) There were people I could talk to that had a bearing on what I felt about the place without having them actually be needed to complete the mission. Very nice touch.

3) The cut scenes were well done and I actually had a little bit of sympathy for Jana.. yeah she was a romulan but she seemed dismayed over killing innocent civilizians. It made it that much easier to spare her life later.

4) The diplomacy solution. The guard that could be won over with enough diplomacy points... just cool. Sadly I didn't have enough so he died... still I like that diplo rank actually had a use. More of this please

5) Decoding the data. Just way to cool. Actually have a use for all the missions we have done. All that knowledge gained actually was usefull. Again more of this please.

Overalll I totally had a ball doing this mission.

I would post a negative comment if I had one but I dont. Server issues aside this mission was awesome.

Oh and my new Horta friend was a sweet added bonus.
Wait, there was an option to let Jana live? Woops

That level was jaw dropping awesome. The first words out of my mouth were "WHOA, its like Bizzaro Disneyworld for Romulans" when I saw those carts going by.

I loved that Tactical assignment of taking down some thugs. I wandered outside and took out a pack of whatever they were too. All those little touches that let you interact with the world, but arent pivotal are SOO appreciated to help our Star Trek immersion.

"No Kill I" probably Top 5 epic STO line of dialogue so far

Your stock is rising Mr Stahl.