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02-14-2011, 11:05 AM
Short: Future Imperfect badges and Delta Flyer uniform. C'mon... is that so much to ask for?
Allow holo BO to be adjustable; clothing, gender, equipment, class. IT is a hologram; therefore some choices should be allowed instead of just standard issue visuals and gender (male).

Mid: Refit for Akira Class. Extra weapons slots, tactical slots, and fighter bay as it was originally intended to be a battleship/carrier in the war front against the Borg. The Defiant was out of commission in First Contact long before any damage was done to the Thunder Child.

Long: More diplomatic missions, storylines, using shuttles, runabout, delta flyer, captain's yacht, etc. Ship interior for each class of ship should be more like the actual interiors shown in canon i.e. engineering, ready room, observation lounge.

Android BO?

Mini-game: Shuttle race. Participate in a shuttle races in various locations (different tracks). Allow players to win prizes such as gold pressed latinum, special parts, items, etc. Allow bidding on races.

Allow for use of other factions instead of just Federation & Klingons.