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02-14-2011, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
So at this point I've spent 7 or 8 hours on a mission that all the walkthroughs say should only take 2-3. So, why I ask, is it that these rewards aren't available to those that like singleplayer content. It seems totally unfair to exclude those that like singleplayer content from getting items such as this one. I've always hated it when MMOs tried to force groups. Some of us just don't like the stress. Why isn't there an equal time and effort way for lone wolfs to get this warp enhancing item. Why isn't there say a crafting quest that takes the same amount of time as Infected, or an in-game currency way to buy it that takes an equivalent amount of time to save up the currency required. It is bad business to force lone wolfs into groups, only to watch them struggle to complete a mission that requires team work, when they are lone wolfs that have never been good at team work in MMO's.
Then why are you playing an MMO? I'm sorry, but if you want to play an MMO, you can't really expect it NOT to have multiplayer parts to it. And as far as MMOs go, STO is has very little required multiplayer content anyway. About 95% of the content can be played solo, and quite easily too. It's almost laughable to say that an MMO having 5% of the content multiplayer is too much.

And you are not excluded from the gear. You are free to join up with a group that can run it. And there will be more gear coming that is specific to certain aspects of the game. What if the devs make a PVP set obtainable only be winning a certain number of PVP matches? Should the devs really listen to those who complain that they hate PVP and want another way to get the set?