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02-14-2011, 11:31 AM
Here is the only difference I see for ALL the STFs in the PUG and Fleet argument:

(Difference, because Fleet or PUG, everyone runs the same STFs)

Fleets will tend to have the same group of people run them together. So sure, it might be a different 5 today, than it was yesterday, but you mix/match the same player base. Chances are - all those players learned WITH that fleet, so they get to know the "fleet style" version of the STFs as a group. And chances are...if they joined one of the more active and well-known fleets - they WANT to work as a group. It is foremost in their minds to (lack of a better term) conform to the fleet methods and the mannerisms of their fleet-mates.

PUGs - you get everything from Very experience Fleeties, to young kids (and sometimes older adults) who will not think through problems, are just run/gun types who believe that rifle / weapons bank should over come everything, no matter what. And more to the point - You will *rarely* run with the same group of people! So you never learn a style that fits the group. Add to that - a healthy percentage that does NOT want to 'conform" as a group, preferring the 'hero' mode, or well -- listen to anyone else.

This is not the fault of the Devs who made STFs "too hard" -- as evidenced by some of the more experience teams completing them in very commendable times - or making the End Bosses too hard. It is a matter of learning a coordinated effort. There are even folks (some posting on here) that will help you learn it. But - sadly - there are too many PUGs who only understand 'run/gun" and do not watch the chat box.

Until THAT is solved...there will be tons of cries to nerf these missions, which I think is totally wrong. It really does cheapen the hard work that SOME have put in to learn them to a very fine point.