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02-14-2011, 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by Ooiue View Post
I think your idea has merit

i personally could not think of a Fed-Klingon war story arc and instead just developed something i wanted to do for ages

i hope you come up with some interesting storylines for the war so that we can somehow enjoy all this combat yet to come
Thanks a bunch for the vote of confidence. I'm starting to lean into actually creating the missions regardless of how many plays I get. Most of the people who have said something usually come out in with positive things so that's always a good sign. Hopefully I make an enjoyable experience for those who do play.

Also, I was talking it over with the boys and girls at SBUGC about how to make it a collaborative effort. It doesn't seem too complex. There's a few things that we decided were necessary like copy and paste etc etc. But I'd actually like to start planning it now if I could find people interested and maybe even get the ball rolling on mission ideas to expand on the subject further. This is more or less my "Who's interested in working with me" thread as it is my own thread to try and promote my own mission line. If you're interested we can talk it over on this thread or over on the SBUGC site.