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The Vault:

This mission is fantastic, I just have a Quality of Life suggestion here which would be well worth adding into the game in the future.

I suggest that we be able to bring our starships outside of a system, leave them via shuttle bay, and fly to the vault proper. Additionally, and this is a feature I think we'd all love, it would be nice if our Power Trays would not be completely reset every time we change ships. Our assignments on the Nebula for instance should not get all jumbled just because we went and did a jaunt on one mission in a shuttle (or any ship for that matter). This has always bothered me. If we had a way to save some basic settings like this and load them it would be fantastic.

Another point of note: Some ships should theoretically be stealthy enough to operate as a scout. In this regard I think the Bird of Prey should be able to do the Vault mission, and need not use a Shuttle at all. Compare the stats of the D'kyr's shuttle which has a crew of 25, to the 50 of the Chang B'rel. There's not much difference, and the Bird of Prey was in fact intended for such purposes. Additionally, when we can eventually 'land' ships, I hope that the ships which have that landing capability are able to do so. Namely, the Defiant, Bird of Prey, Voyager, etc.

Enemy Mine:

This mission is wonderful. I have no major problem with the mission except there is a subplot which seems to have been left dangling. (Spoiler Alert)
I seem to have saved a number of miners from the prison, only to find that the man whose Brother i was attempting to save had nothing new to say to me. Why leave us wondering? Part of the fun in Star Trek is the human(alien?) interaction, where StarFleet officers care about the locals and do what they can to make life better. The mission was wonderful, but when I ran back to talk to this guy it left me feeling a little dejected in an otherwise great mission.

Effects and Sound:

Where do I begin? There was so many things done right in this department. The increase in voice acting was great, and I love the fact there is a transcript in the npc logs if I am on ventrilo, get interrupred, or simply want to reread. The moving mine carts were fantastic! This reminded me of the hovering shuttles on Defera. This little bit of attention to detail really goes a long way.

Likewise the Roaming critters really breathe life into the game. I was half expecting to be able to find a pup out there, based on a hint someone gives in the mining colony. I went out to the trash heap, but only got attacked. If I could get one of those, or any other such critters it would be fantastic. Perhaps there will be Device Slots available for commanding Critters with? I really look forward to an expanding Pet system as has been alluded to being internally discussed at Cryptic. There is one extra added request in this department: Birds. It might be difficult to create flying creatures but if you could it would be fantastic. I could definitely see Klingons employing some manner of falconry as they are particularly fascinated with antiquated martial systems whenever they are capable of using them.

As far as the Vault itself, I don't know what to say but it was beautiful. What an epic way to re-release Shuttles in a fresh way! If we can keep seeing shuttles have a use in the game that would be wonderful. In particular, it would be nice to have to use the shuttle to A) Dock on a ship that one way or another does not allow the Away Team to Beam Aboard. B) A planet that has too much interference. C) For stealthy entries like we previously saw in the Vault. All three are just great ways to take advantage of this, and entirely fit the Star Trek Universe.

I loved the new unique effects that the Romulan soldiers now employed. From the Thalaron device that the Romulan woman used to the basic disruptor lingering burn that their weapons caused. It would be nice to see more and more of this kind of uniqueness available with regard to equipment. In particular, I'm looking forward to the Nausicaan weapons for my nausicaan captain and his crew.

I will post more as I have thought about the upcoming episodes!
the biggest issue with the Vault is the trigger points for parts of the mission. these points are far smaller then in any other portion of the game and I believe this is whats giving everyone grief with this mission.

Also a slight correction to the ships with atmospheric capabilities should be the bird of prey and the intrepid class ships never saw or heard the defiant do anything but skip through the atmosphere .

it would be nice to see the shuttles utilized in conjunction with you primary ship but this wouldn't work for defiant, bop, raptor or garumba class. they literally have no room for a shuttle bay or to even use the upcoming captains yacht's and its not canon, yes i used that excuse plus the bird of prey doesn't need a shuttle it has the ability to do most everything a shuttle can. I'm sure the devs have thought about all of this.

why not just put a warp gate in omega leonis for psi velorum and vice verse to improve travel time since the KDF does not have a diplomatic corps yet except at the point of my disruptor canons unless the devs adopt a system like diplomacy. this system could be something along the lines of empire sphere(territory)/defense/expansion with the needed trans warp points.