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02-14-2011, 05:41 PM
Might as well post my comments/critique here. As other the mission was overall excellent. Everyone else has touched upon all of the good/excllent things about the mission so I' want repeat them here. So here goes my things I don't like about the mission.

1) The presence of the Horta seems just to too gratuitous and out of place for the flow of the mission and story line. It seems forced just to include the Horta Hatching pet reward and the Accolade. I and most players know about the Horta, but my character might not know about them. So there should have been some reference to them from my officers or ship or something. There should have been something more than just "NO KILL I". The Horta is intelligent and the Federation Captains should have made more of an effort to communicate.

Im summary, the who scene seems forced and gratuitous. There should have been something more to the Horta's present. Like the obvious question, how did a Horta (Horta) get from Janus IV or a moon in the Hfifar system? I'll reserve final judgment until the rest of the series premiers. I have a hunch there isn't the last we'll see of the Horta in this series.

2) The non-diplomatic branch of interacting with Janek. The node "Is this how you want this to end?" gives "Yes" and the continiued fight. And the other branch "Enough lies Tell me the truth..." which loops back to the previous grand-parent node. It seems like a bug. It feels like there should be another node or two. A way of sparing Janek untilmately even if you have to right her again for a bit.