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02-14-2011, 11:16 PM
To those still saying that this has something to do with me thinking the mission hard, you couldn't be more wrong. The mission difficulty is right where it needs to be to keep raiders happy. In fact, I found most of the mission quite easy, so I can understand players complaints that they nerfed it too much. Really the only part I didn't like was the control room. Since I'm new to Infected, teammates keep putting me on center platform duty, which I find rather easy. What I don't like is spending hours in the control room doing my job quite well, while I watch jumpers flounder about falling in plasma. Now, I can't say for sure that I'd be any better, though I do have jumping experience from another MMO, so I can't judge them, but it seems like no matter how many team changes I try, there's always at least 1 jumper that messes it up for the rest of the team. Add that to the fact that far too many players abandon the team without trying very hard and it makes for one frustrating experience.

But this isn't about the mission. This is about making only one item in the entire game that gives a bonus to players speeds in sector space. Crafters don't get an item that improves speed in sector space. They put in just as much effort and time if not more effort and time than raiders do on STF's. Why don't they get an item that improves sector space travel speeds. PvPers can spend just as much time and effort in PvP matches, where's their sector space speed enhancing items. Some of you are arguing that it's available to anyone since all players can play STF's, but that type of teamwork heavy, stressful gameplay is probaly the least appealing thing in STO to a casual player. Why should a casual player be forced to do a gametype they don't find fun to get a unique bonus. I honestly don't want to see them just copy the item and give it to anybody. Assimilated parts should remain exclusive to STF players. All I want is more items with warp speed bonuses. Making just one item in an entire game with a certain important bonus, and then only giving out that item for a single mission that doesn't appeal to everyone is just wrong. Plain and simple.