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02-14-2011, 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by RStoney View Post
Here is the only difference I see for ALL the STFs in the PUG and Fleet argument:

(Difference, because Fleet or PUG, everyone runs the same STFs)

Fleets will tend to have the same group of people run them together. So sure, it might be a different 5 today, than it was yesterday, but you mix/match the same player base. Chances are - all those players learned WITH that fleet, so they get to know the "fleet style" version of the STFs as a group. And chances are...if they joined one of the more active and well-known fleets - they WANT to work as a group. It is foremost in their minds to (lack of a better term) conform to the fleet methods and the mannerisms of their fleet-mates.

PUGs - you get everything from Very experience Fleeties, to young kids (and sometimes older adults) who will not think through problems, are just run/gun types who believe that rifle / weapons bank should over come everything, no matter what. And more to the point - You will *rarely* run with the same group of people! So you never learn a style that fits the group. Add to that - a healthy percentage that does NOT want to 'conform" as a group, preferring the 'hero' mode, or well -- listen to anyone else.

This is not the fault of the Devs who made STFs "too hard" -- as evidenced by some of the more experience teams completing them in very commendable times - or making the End Bosses too hard. It is a matter of learning a coordinated effort. There are even folks (some posting on here) that will help you learn it. But - sadly - there are too many PUGs who only understand 'run/gun" and do not watch the chat box.

Until THAT is solved...there will be tons of cries to nerf these missions, which I think is totally wrong. It really does cheapen the hard work that SOME have put in to learn them to a very fine point.
I agree with your viewpoint here. I'm definitely not calling for a nerf like some people think. In fact, I tend to lean more to the side of those wanting it made a bit harder, at least as far as individual enemies go. My problems the day I wrote the OP were two fold. 1. The server issues the day Mine Enemy came out split up the only decent group I've had yet and kept me from likely completing the mission. 2. I'm angry about there only being one item in the whole game that boosts warp speed, the reward from Infected

So really, my post has been heavily misinterpreted. My feedback on the mission is that it was mostly pretty good. I liked the voice work, and the general plot of the mission, though I wasn't too keen on the quantity over quality approach on enemies. 5 people fighting off hundreds of Borg seemed highly uncanonical to me. Other than that the mission difficulty was fine, except for the level of teamwork required in the last part. As you said, that level of teamwork is nearly impossiblle to get due to the nature of random groupings. They've made it so only fleets stand a real chance.