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02-15-2011, 03:55 AM
Btw, I did tell Q of a few times. Also I did have Q change me into multiple creatures to see what was avaailable, but unfortunately it was not to the accolode's requirement and only for fun. I wish I would have known without having to rely on chat or the community ot in my case, the new fleet i joined sending out a mail to us that i only just recently read.

I still don't understand why such things cannot be communicated through the Bulletin system? I mean did we vote down that it not be used as a notifiction system fro the Devs to inform the community, ala Playstation Home? It would have been really useful last week. I think I have only logged in and seen it pop with info(have something there when accessed via the menu) maybe two, three times, and then never again.

*sigh *