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02-15-2011, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by Romulan_Propoganda
I pictured my Klingon riding through ground combat missions on horseback, dodging grenades and phaser fire while swinging his bat'leth, his Orion women riding right behind him.

His Borg BO would be riding a motorcycle, though. Or driving a tank with multiple turrets.

Heh, vehicles would be funny.
NO... Mounts and Vehicles in STO would be fine for holodeck missions, but for core gameplay, it needs to stick with canon...

And please... Before someone says anything about the Argo... I consider that to have been one of Trek's all-time most stupid scenes. The other alltime stupid scenes were also in Nemesis.

Now Driving a car like Kirk did in the classic "A Piece of the Action", I can see that. But it wasnt a combat situation. And yes, Kirk and company rode blue horses in Star Trek V to good effect, but again, their use was not in combat.

So some missions could use vehicles or mounts for plot tools, but for the overwhelmingly most part, we should fight on our feet.

And if we just want to ride or race or whatever... That's what the Holodeck is for. You kno... The Holodeck, where the crew of the Ent-D, DS9 and Voyager went to do things that they couldnt really do in their "real life" careers... As well as giving the shows an excuse to jump the shark without actually jumping the shark...