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02-15-2011, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by forresto View Post
Just because its stupid ain't mean it's not true.

It's canon, accept it.
Nope. There are some things that are far too dumb to accept as canon, even for the most hardcore of Trek nerds. Some might say, especially for us.

The movie is basically asking us to accept that there is a Trek vehicle named the Argo. It's a dune buggy with its own special ship to carry it around places. This dune buggy is far less useful than the shuttle that houses it, which can fly, land anywhere, is shielded and climate contained, etc. Unlike the Argo itself, which:

1: Has room for only three people
2: Cannot cross rivers, mountains, or other natural barriers
3: Provides no protection from the elements or potentially hostile climates of alien worlds
4: Has extremely limited storage capacity
5: Is equipped with one rear-mounted phaser cannon with an extremely limited firing arc that is only useful if you happen to get into a dune buggy chase scene in a terrible movie.

This list goes on and is provided by if you want it.