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02-15-2011, 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
Add that to the fact that far too many players abandon the team without trying very hard and it makes for one frustrating experience.
I can understand your frustration, yet I would ask you why you don't join a fleet that runs these STFs on a regular basis? There are many, many fleets (and even individual players) out there who run these daily and are open to bringing non-members along. If you see someone with the complete set, ask if their fleet is looking for new people. Who knows? You might wind up making some new friends.

But this isn't about the mission. This is about making only one item in the entire game that gives a bonus to players speeds in sector space.
Which you can easily obtain by finding a decent group of people to run "Infected" with.

Some of you are arguing that it's available to anyone since all players can play STF's, but that type of teamwork heavy, stressful gameplay is probaly the least appealing thing in STO to a casual player.
Not to be rude and my apologies if it comes across as such, but reading this says to me that you would like some of the best gear in the game for little to no effort at all. I know this is not what you meant, but it does come across that way.

Assimilated parts should remain exclusive to STF players. All I want is more items with warp speed bonuses. Making just one item in an entire game with a certain important bonus, and then only giving out that item for a single mission that doesn't appeal to everyone is just wrong. Plain and simple.
Think of it in terms of incentive. The Borg set is an incentive to get you to try the STFs. If you could craft them (or something equal), would you ever bother with the STFs?

Originally Posted by f1restarter
Off topic.
Im sorry but I disagree 100%.
I think the Borg set is far superior. The procs are so much more usefull. Especially the multi regenrative shield array you get when equipping 3 parts of the Borg set.
But to each their own :p
Depends on your playstyle really. The proc does not fire every time (nice when it does though) and the overall Borg shield value is much lower than the Aegis set. The Aegis Engines also give you better manueverability in combat.