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02-15-2011, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by truefire99 View Post
I'm partway through Mine Enemy, specificaly "Escape from mines" in Digging for answers with my Fed main, I've just been told to run before the place goes up but what oh what about the Horta?! Am I expected to just leave them to die, surely there must be something I can do? The poor creature is cowering infront of me as I type and I just feel so bad that I must just leave it.

I would love to see someway to save them but until that day, Cryptic devs, I hate you for making me a bad person, ohwell, time to dramaticly run from the coming explosion.
You're a bad person for killing all those Romulans without trying to solve things diplomatically.

The Horta wasn't cowering, it was dancing with joy as a smorgusborg was about to fall from the ceiling. The cave-in wouldn't scratch the thing. They are incredibly tough.