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02-15-2011, 08:08 AM
I've been recently rebuilding some of my character bios, since I apparently accidentally deleted the file I kept them on. Hopefully the new ones are better than the old, and they will fit within the character limits the game apparently has for bios. I'm posting only the two captains I've redone so far; posting the crew along with them would take up too much space.

Vice Admiral Nicolai Kovac
One of Starfleet’s up and coming captains, Nicolai Kovac had originally intended to become a fighter pilot with the militia forces of his native Hestia. At the time, however, advancement through the crowd ranks of the Hestian militia was considered a near impossibility, so the ambitious Kovac transferred to Starfleet Academy after his second year. Even at the Academy, he showed an impressive grasp of military strategy and some skills in engineering, but never showed very much aptitude, or interest, in the sciences; he often acknowledges the latter as the reason why he graduated in the top 20 of his class instead of the top 10. He first achieved notoriety during the Battle of the Tibor Nebula in 2374; the battle itself was a stalemate, but Kovac’s actions that day resulted in the disabling, and then destruction, of a Dominion battleship. After the war, Kovac was offered command of four other starships before the Kearsarge, but turned them down for various reasons. As a commander, Kovac is noted by his subordinates and peers as a confident, easy going, yet unconventional commander who will often socialize with those in the lower ranks, believing that while a captain should keep a certain distance between himself and his crew, it doesn’t mean he has to socially ostracize himself.

Captain K'Traug
K’Traug was born a mach ghoti’, or “runt” as the humans would say, and as such it was never thought that he’d have much of a career as a warrior. But K’Traug was born with a high intellect and soon discovered he had an aptitude for the sciences, so decided that if he was not fated to be a warrior, he would become one of the Empire’s foremost scientists. He specializes in cartography, both stellar and planetary, and his Bird-of-Prey, the IKS Sekhmet, has been specially modified for this task. K’Traug and the Sekhmet have mapped much of the territory within the Empire, as well as several regions outside its borders, and because of this, it’s not uncommon for the Sekhmet to be sent behind enemy lines to scout the positions and strengths of the forces. Most of the warrior elite sneer at K’Traug’s career choice, but he pays them little heed; after all, the most successful warrior is a well informed warrior.