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02-15-2011, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by Meridian113 View Post
U.S.S. Sao Paolo was renamed in Defiant and registry changes as special compensation
so no prefix A or any other letter.
just copy paste from old Defiant

Althought the plaque of the USS Sao Paulo gives NCC-75633 as the registry the NX-74205 is still there on external shots due to cost concerns. When they switched to CG they used the same stuff so it wouldn't change.

Ron Moore has stated that the new ship was the Defiant-A but because of the cost it didn't happen but he considers the new ship to be "A".

So at STO we're at C. Your idea means ignoring the A for the second one (which isn't canon strictly for cost reasons though the creators wanted it to be and consider it to be).

If we do that (which is reasonable but I prefer to think of the second one as A) then in the 30 years the second letterless one along with the A and B were destroyed. That's 3!

Maybe they skipped a few letters to remember the second letterless one and the connie... But that's unprovable in any way.